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Anagenesis Write industry power supply white paper the Power Operating System (POS) for iSuppli
January 31, 2005 - Los Angeles - Anagenesis and iSuppli reached agreement in November 2004 that Anagenesis will co-author a white paper on the 'Power Operating System', a concept recently introduced by Derek Lidow, iSuppli CEO, at the Digital Power Conference sponsored by Darnell Group held in San Jose, CA in October 2004.  iSuppli and Anagenesis see the POS as a possible key emerging development within the power supply industry that will create a paradigm shift both in business models used and technology developed. 

About Anagenesis

Anagenesis, Inc. is a global provider of strategic and tactical technical and marketing services.  Anagenesis' clients include corporations, world wide, that are in the top 10 list for power electronics  and power semiconductor companies, investment firms, start-up and market research companies, as well as industry specific inventors. Anagenesis has offices in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix Arizona. 

A copy of this paper is available from iSuppli at




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