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Anagenesis and Commergy reach agreement regarding Commergy US sales
July, 15, 2003 - Los Angeles - Commergy, Ltd, of Dublin and Cork Ireland have agreed to have Mr. Arnold Alderman of Anagenesis act as marketing director for Commergy service sales in the US.  Commergy is a high density, high efficiency power supply design services company comprised of staff from multinational power supply company previously located in Ireland.  Commergy is unique as they develop their own roadmap, develop the technologies required to execute it, design utilizing those technologies, and provide complete assistance in transferring the designs to a manufacturing facility.  Their accomplishments include benchmark density and efficiency ac-dc and dc-dc designs that are licensed globally. According to Mr. Alderman, President of Anagenesis, "Commergy represents the ultimate in a design services company, providing quickly and effectively based on their very compelling technology roadmaps.  I look forward to representing Commergy in the US."  The Commergy office will be operating in conjunction with Anagenesis office services located at 1800 Century Park East, Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA, 90067

About Anagenesis

Anagenesis, Inc. is a global provider of strategic and tactical technical and marketing services.  Anagenesis' clients include corporations, world wide, that are in the top 10 list for power electronics  and power semiconductor companies, investment firms, start-up and market research companies, as well as industry specific inventors. Anagenesis has offices in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix Arizona. 


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