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Anagenesis will be at APEC 2017. 

APEC 2016

Arnold Alderman is a participant in the PSMA 2017 Technology Roadmap, leading the PSiP & PwrSoC sub-section of the non-isolated dc-dc converter section. Check out the Roadmap on the Power Sources Manufacturers Association website. 

PSMA Technology Roadmap

Anagenesis maintains the PSMA Safety & Compliance Data Base (SCDB) which is a helpful source for world wide Safety & Compliance standards. You can sign up for weekly updates from PSMA. Check it out at  


Anagenesis maintains the PSMA Energy Efficiency Data Base (EEDB) which is a helpful source for world wide efficiency standards. Check it out at  


We  participated in the 5th International PwrSoC  Workshop held in Madrid, Spain October 3,4,5, 2016


"Business evolution through global technical marketing"
Anagenesis, Inc. is a technical marketing company combining both the engineering and the marketing perspective. We assist power semiconductor companies and companies involved in the power conversion markets, such as power supplies, motor controls, electronic ballast, UPS, EPS, and Inverters. Our clients include corporations, world wide, that are in the top 10 list for power supplies, UPS, and power semiconductor companies, investment firms, start-up and market research companies, as well as industry specific inventors. Anagenesis has offices in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix Arizona.

Providing technical marketing assistance to the power conversion & power semiconductor industries 
Our Fourth Market Report will be available in March 2017

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PSiP & PwrSoC: The Power Density Challenge Continues, 2015-2021

Those who have obtained our reports have told us:

“This report is one of a kind”                 “Nowhere else can we find this kind of detail!”

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» Market Strategy Development
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