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The PSiP & PwrSoC The Ultimate Power Density Challenge 

2008 - 2011

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Why you need to read this report

Much buzz and hype abounds regarding Power Supplies in a Package (PSiP) and Power Supplies on a Chip (PwrSoC). This report gives you the focus perspective needed.


  A concise business tool

  Organized to save you time

  Gets straight to the points that matter

  Over 25 hours of interviews

  Data from business, marketing, and design staff

  A unique technical-based market report; 

  Business and market analysis with a technical foundation.

  Includes technology readiness landscape analysis of more than 30 companies

  Trend analysis of over 80 products 

When you read it, you will learn:

        What the growth will be and will it drive additional investments

        Who the key players in the future are going to be

        What the growth drivers and key applications will be

        Is PwrSoC real or just wishful thinking?

        What makes the PwrSoC opportunity different from the PSiP?

        Where your best emerging opportunities exist

        What will determine whether you get involved with PSiP or PwrSoC products

 What the report contains

Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II Executive Summary

Chapter III Purpose, Scope, & Methodology

Chapter IV Key Developments & Milestones

Recent Key Developments

Key Milestones

Chapter V - PSiP Market Analysis and Trends


Product Comparisons and Trends

Figures of Merit Current Density; Efficiency; Switching Frequency; Pricing

Chapter VI PwrSoC Market Analysis & Trends

Evolution of the PwrSoC 

Five-Year Product Transition Projection

Parametric Progress toward PwrSoC

Possible PwrSoC Applications

Chapter VII Competitive Market Analysis 

Landscape Analysis

Product portfolio; technologies; 

Leaders Profiles: strengths and weaknesses

Market Share by Company

Chapter VIII Forecasts: 2008 to 2015

Forecast Assumptions and Methodology

Worldwide Economic Drivers

Market Forecast (Revenue, quantity, and price)

Forecast by Output Current

Forecast by Product Type

Forecast by Market Subsector

Chapter IX Recommendations

To the Manufacturers

To the Users

The report includes these companies 

Analog Devices

Bel Power




Dialog Semiconductor

Delta Electronics




Fairchild Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor

Fuji Electric


International Rectifier


Lineage Power

Linear Technology

Maxim Integrated Products


MuRata Power Solutions

National Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor



Sun Microsystems (Oracle)




Texas Instruments



Tyndall National Institute




List of Figures

Figure 1 - The PSiP Device - A New Level of Miniature Integrated Power Supply
Figure 2 -A Switching Power Controller IC
Figure 3 - Multi-chip DrMOS Block Diagram Schematic
Figure 4 - Multi-chip Power IC Block Diagram Schematic
Figure 5 - The Multiple Chip Version of the Power IC
Figure 6 - The Single-Chip Version of the Power IC
Figure 7 - A Power PMU Functional Diagram, 
Figure 8 - A Cross-section View of a System in a Package (SiP) 
Figure 9 - PSiP Block Diagram Schematic
Figure 10 - The Modified PSiP with only the Inductor Power Passive
Figure 11 - PwrSoC Block Diagram Schematic
Figure 12 - Modified or "Near" PwrSoC Block Diagram Schematic
Figure 13 - A System-on-Chip (SoC) Block Diagram, Source: Integrated Device Technology
Figure 14 - Product Formation by Package Integration Leading to a
Figure 15 - Product Formation by Semiconductor Integration
                      Leading to a PSiP
Figure 16a - Point-of-Load Solution Spectrum 2004
Figure 16b - Point of Load Solution Spectrum 2010
Figure 17 - Integrated POL Product Category by Current Range
Figure 18 thru 26 - Figures of Merit Subset
Figures 27 - Integration Solution Possibly Transitioning to the
Figure 28 - Overall major parametric achievement toward enabling
                      the PwrSoC product. 
Figure 29 - Devices Serving the Point-of-Load Power Supply
Figure 30 - Competitive Readiness Landscape 
Figure 31 - Pie Chart PSiP Market Share 2009

List of Figures (cont'd)

Figure 32 - Point-of-Load Solution Landscape - 2015
Figure 33 - Worldwide Integrated Miniature Power Supply Revenue
Figure 34 - World Wide Miniature Integrated Power Supply Product High Current Forecast
Figure 35 - Worldwide Miniature Integrated Power Supply Product Low Current Forecast
Figure 36 - Miniature Module Breakdown by Product Type
Figure 37 - Total PSiP and PwrSoC Revenue 2008 - 2015
Figure 38 - PSiP Global Revenue 2008 ? 2015
Figure 39 - PwrSoC Gobal Revenue - 2008 - 2015
Figures 40 thru 54 - Miniature Integrated Power Supply Revenue Breakout by Market



Table 1 - Terminology Used for Various Power Management Devices
Table 2 - Power Management Device - Levels of Integration
Table 3 - PSiP Milestones
Table 4 - List of High Current PSiP Applications
Table 5 - List of Low Current PSiP Applications
Table 6 - PSiP Market Sector Breakout 2010
Table 7 - PSiP Supplier Market Share Breakout for 2009
Table 8 - Worldwide Miniature Integrated Power Supply Revenue
Table 9 - Worldwide Miniature Integrated Power Supply Product High Current Forecast
Table 10 - Worldwide Miniature Integrated Power Supply Product Low Current Forecast
Table 11 - Miniature Integrated Power Supply Revenue Breakout by Product Type 
                   2008 - 2015
Tables 12 thru 26 - Miniature Integrated Power Supply Revenue Breakout by Market

What the report costs

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