To provide a forum to present technical papers on the advancement of technology that can be used to improve power supply efficiency.

To provide a forum at which the industry stakeholders can meet with the objective of creating a single global efficiency standard.

To give recognition to outstanding contributors to power supply efficiency improvement.


World Wide Power Supply Efficiency Symposium 

As a member of the PSMA Energy Committee, we will be developing a consensus, plan, and process to create a symposium to address the on-going issues of power supply efficiency.  This may be expanded to include other equipment if the interest warrants. 

Draft of MOU (Partial) 


It is recognized that there has been significant effort put forth over the past 5 years to improve the efficiency of power supplies in an attempt to reduce overall power consumption.  Further that this effort has been global in nature, with a number of nations expending resources to assure that higher efficiency levels are established and complied by power supply manufacturers. 


However it is recognized that considerably more effort will be necessary to

1.     Assure on-going compliance

2.     Install and maintain standards that call for continuous improvement

3.     Nurture technologies that will provide this increased efficiency at competitive cost

4.     Drive toward a single unified world wide power supply efficiency standard simplifying both compliance testing and compliance identification

5.     Continue to promote and foster consumer efficiency awareness that will result in efficiency conscience purchasing.


To accomplish this, it is recognized that a symposium focused on power supply efficiency could be a key instrument toward achieving these goals.  Such a symposium to be organized such that all power supply industry stakeholders are attracted to attend:

a.      Component suppliers

b.     Power supply manufacturers

c.      OEM systems manufacturers (end equipment manufacturers)

d.     Government agencies

e.      Consultants

f.      Media members

Program Content

This symposium should be organized to include

1.     Provisions for high level professional technical input as to the development, design, testing, and utilization of more efficient power supplies.

2.     A forum for discussing the establishment, and cooperative compliance implementation of efficiency standards from the view of the user, the manufacturer, the agency, the public

3.     An event at which there is (are) awarding(s) of “Power Supply Efficiency Stakeholders” Award(s)  to the person or persons that have made the most impact in the previous year on improvement of power supply efficiency.

4.     Booths will be available for exhibiting technologies, products, services, and agency or corporate information


This symposium should be held annually at locations, on a global rotational basis.  This is expected to be a 3-day event.  Conference papers and presentations should be selected by a committee of professional peers.  The sessions should be organized and conducted by professional peers. 



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